Lifestyles of sexually connected co...

I have over the years discovered that some sexuality habits have been the bedrock to good sexual relationships and many wise couples have adopted them...

Sensitivity enhances good sex

Human sexuality is the capacity to have erotic experiences and responses. It is also a way someone is sexually attracted to another person. There is n...

Does genital piercing enhance sexua...

I have received several mails and messages from couples wanting to know if genital piercing actually enhances good sexual performance. A particular wi...

No substitute for sex

Because sex has the potential to be the most profound satisfying and rich part of a marriage union, its place and position can never be substituted. S...

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Phone Addiction: Your smartphone may be a source of pain

Back pain is any pain along the back, most especially along the spine and the waist. Though it affects people of all ages, it is a common co...

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Lifestyles of sexually connected couples (1)

I have over the years discovered that some sexuality habits have been the bedrock to good sexual relationships and many wise couples have ad...

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Worried by the socio-economic challenges facing the country, especially the nation’s state of insecurity, witches and wizards in the country recently held an emergency meeting at Afuze, Edo State Making this revelation in an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun in Lagos on Wednesday, leader and spokesman, Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria, (WITZAN), Dr. Okhue Iboi said the emergency meeting held by his members was not only aimed at discussing the various challenges confronting the nation but also to chart a way forward. “Witches and Wizards in Nigeria are deeply worried by what is going on in the country especially Boko Haram insurgency. As stakeholders in the Nigerian project, we can no longer afford to fold our hands while the nation burns. Enough is enough”, he declared. While saying that the Boko Haram issue was one of the key issues discussed at their meeting, Iboi said it was witches and wizards from Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states that urged the association to convene the emergency meeting. According to him: “Our bi-annual meeting was actually supposed to come up in first week of October, but our fellow brothers and sisters from these three North eastern states made passionate appeal to our general assembly imploring us to discuss Boko Haram matter. Witches and wizards in Adamawa. Borno and Yobe states want us to intervene, to help cage Shekau and his blood-thirsty lieutenants” Speaking on the outcome of their deliberations, the 55-year-old wizard said the days of Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader were numbered. According to him, Shekau will be captured before the end of December, and paraded on the streets of Abuja and Maiduguri for the whole world to see. “We witches and wizards in Nigeria have sealed the fate of Shekau. His days are numbered. He will be captured before the end of December, and contrary to the image and impression he has been creating that he is a warrior, after his capture, he will start singing like a canary bird.” Not done yet, Iboi, further said that Shekau, upon his arrest, will mention some powerful people who are his sponsors. “An ordinary eye can’t see what we are seeing in the coven world. Witches and wizards have put Shekau on our radar. There is no peace for him again until the day of his arrest,” he said. Urging Nigerians to remain steadfast and not to panic, the witches spokesman added that the parents of the missing Chibok girls will soon have cause to smile. “Those girls are coming back home. They will be rescued, but it is sad that I have to say here that not all of them are coming back. They are not being held in the same place, some are in Niger, and some are in Cameroon while others are in Chad and Nigeria” , he added. Iboi, who said Nigerians should not doubt the witches’ declaration or revelations on the state of affairs in Nigeria, said: “This is not the first time we will be coming out to speak about the nation. Five years ago, this was in 2010, when Nigerians were preparing for 2011 general elections, especially the presidential poll, we came out to warn General Ibrahim Babangida and former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar not to contest against President Goodluck Jonathan, that Jonathan will floor them. What happened after these two eminent Nigerians disobeyed us, they lost in a disgraceful manner to Jonathan. Our warning to IBB and Atiku came out in one or two national dailies.” Continuing, he said: “In November last year, during one of our meetings, it was revealed to us that former CBN governor Lamido Sanusi would be unceremoniously removed from office, many people then labelled us fakes but what happened thereafter? Sanusi was ignominiously removed from office without completing his tenure. “That time we also said that some PDP top notchers that decamped to APC would come back to PDP, did this not also come to pass? Witches don’t speak from both sides of the mouth, and what is not revealed to us in our meetings, we will never say it was revealed to us. We seldom speak out on national issues, we only speak when it is necessary to do so, and we do so out of patriotism”. On other national issues which they discussed, Iboi said the newly installed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido should not rejoice yet. According to him: “What we see before Sanusi is myriad of woes. His road will be rough. Turbulent days lie ahead of him, he should not rejoice yet. He will experience trouble within and outside the emirate. His enemies are many, and to make matters worse for him, he had stepped on powerful toes. He needs all the prayers in this world to survive the turmoil looming before him.” On the nation’s political landscape, Iboi said Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole was standing on a shaky ground. “ It appear as if Oshiomhole is a master political strategist but the crisis currently happening in Edo State will snowball into a bigger crisis that may see Oshiomhole being swept away from office. You can call it a political tornado or Tsunami. Comrade governor should be vigilant,” he said. For APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the witches said: “Tinubu will be betrayed. He will be sold out by those he trusted. This betrayal will affect his political empire. Tinubu’s political dynasty is under threat of crumbling. Tinubu is a good man, but the bitter truth he must swallow today is that APC is going nowhere. Many top notchers of PDP that are in APC now will go back to PDP. Witches said so in November last year and it happened. I’m telling the whole world again today that many former PDP leaders that are now in APC will betray Tinubu and other APC leaders, they will go back to PDP this year, and before 2015 general elections.” On the anxiety over 2015, Iboi urged Nigerians to remain calm. “Nigerians should rejoice. This nation will not break up. Witches and wizards carried out some intercessory spiritual work in Arusa, Tanzania, and New Delhi, in India over this issue, and luckily our brethren, that is fellow witches there, joined hands with us, and it was resolved that Nigeria should not break up. Forget about any American prediction, Nigeria will not break up. There may be pockets of crisis here and there, but they will be election related violence.” On 2015 general elections, the witches said President Goodluck Jonathan will win. “Jonathan will win re-election. Although there will be pockets of violence, Jonathan will win. I will also have to appeal to Buhari and Tinubu, they should not waste their money, time and energy on the poll. They should go home and rest. They should forget about becoming President or Vice President of Nigeria. APC will still lose more governors to PDP before this year runs out”. Asked why other witches and wizards don’t come out or hold their meeting in the open, Iboi laughed, cleared his throat before blunting out. “You speak like a small pikin. Witches are like spirits. We are invisible. It is only those that operate in the spiritual realm that can see us either when we are meeting or going for assignment. I was born a witch. I inherited witchcraft from my mother when I was in her womb, from the age of 7 I started seeing unborn babies in their mothers’ womb, and I could predict with precision of sex of an unborn child whether it is a boy or girl. When I was born, I was born with a leaf in my hand, and starting from the age of 5, I started healing people like a grown-up herbalist.” On the issues of witches being blood- thirsty, and suckling blood, Iboi said: “Those are bad witches, in our own association; we are white witches, and white wizards. We are here to save people. We don’t kill, we counter bad witches and neutralize them whenever they are on their evil mission.” While saying that another meeting of witches and wizards is slated for Damaturu the capital of Yobe State in October, Iboi said the meeting will review the outcome of the one held at Afuze, so as to enable witches to know what action and steps to be taken next. “To add to that, we are also converging on Damaturu as a sign of solidarity with our members, and also people and government of Yobe State that we are with them in the hour of crisis. The Boko Haram insurgency has become an open sore, and we are also joining efforts with government and other stakeholders to contain Shekau and his fellow blood-thirsty followers.”

Lifestyles of sexually connected couples (1)

I have over the years discovered that some sexuality habits have been the bedrock to good sexual relationships and many wise couples have adopted them to the advantage of their unions. When you deliberately make these a reality, your marriage will not lack sexual flavour also.

During sex, pay passionate attention to your spouse. In the moments of lovemaking, there is nothing more important than your eyes, your lips, and spouse’s. The best sex happens when the world falls away, and you are the only two beings that matter. And when the world really does fall away, you’ll be one being, delighting in each other’s bodies, minds, and souls. Remember there is always a place for everything and everything must be in place. Passion has its place which is clean and uncluttered. The sheets are fresh. The pillows are plump. The laundry is inviting. If you are or your spouse is a lover of music, let it be pleasant, spicy, slow or hot, either in your bedroom, where the door is locked, or where every other person including the children have been sorted out. So, your hearts can open fully to each other.

However, do not limit your place of passion to the bedroom. Passion can take place in the living room, the kitchen, the pantry, the backyard, the holiday inn, wherever you and your lover connect. Be playful, sometimes sex can be serious if you are making love for the first time after a stressful period, or when you’re just not in the mood. Make a funny sound, stick out your tongue to tease your lover and make sure your lovemaking expresses your feelings. Love without feeling becomes mechanical over time. If you focus on technique instead of feelings, you can feel good, but you may not feel close. You may feel turned on, but you may not feel passion. Remind yourself why you are with your married lover, what makes you care about him or her.

Don’t ever forget that innovation/ novelty is a basic aphrodisiac for passion; libidinal desire ignites when the mind is curious. The excitement of new challenges, flowing into the old and leading into new pathways of ecstasy can be overwhelming. When your sexual script gets tired and desire fades, trying new ways to delight each other can amplify your appetite and your partner’s.

Simple changes can be stimulating, too. Try a new room, a new fragrance, or try a new touch, a new kiss, a new endearment, a new family planning method. Don’t ever undermine the power of good health.

Be Healthy; strength, stamina and flexibility, all enhance the passionate experience. Most people don’t give their sexual health any thought, but passion is in part dependent on how you take care of your body. For men, your fitness affects your erections. When you work out, your body may create more testosterone. Your heart and vascular system are healthier, too, preserving erectile function. For women, your fitness affects your hormonal balance and mood. When you are stressed, your body produces too much cortisol, which affects oestrogen. Fitness also improves serotonin which picks up mood. So fitness is good for your “love muscles.” You’d be amazed what simply losing five per cent of your body weight will do for all of these. You’ll have more energy for lovemaking. You’ll feel better about your body because there is a connection between diet and sex. So, make eating fresh, healthy foods a passion and discover new depths to your enjoyment. Be clean; never be too lazy to get up and brush your teeth, shave, shower, use fragrance to the taste of your spouse, watch out for little sharp things like unkempt fingernails. Be smooth, be touchable and flirtatious.

Like so many things that give rise to passion, lovemaking starts long before you end up in the bedroom. Saying something that only your partner would understand, placing your hand in an unexpected spot on your partner’s body, or looking into his or her eyes with fire can all signal your desire. Everyone loves to be wanted. Flirting lets your partner know just how much. If you want to receive, be willing to give; show interest and be interesting. Passion goes beyond what happens in the bedroom. It starts with what goes on between your ears. Be a good conversationalist and a better listener. Read, listen to current romantic movies, go to new joints in town together, try a new sport or get more involved in one of your partner’s passions. Make sure that whenever you want to say something, it is something valuable. This will make your partner want to be with you, close enough to hear it. The power of passion arises from sharing; the give and take in any relationship is the basis for its sweetness. If there is a way you want to be touched, let your partner know. Then be sure to touch your partner in the way they want to be touched, or kissed, or licked…

Questions and Answers

Caught in the act by my 6 years old

How do I decently explain to a six-year old boy who caught my wife and I in the very act of lovemaking? He did not only catch us but he stayed and watched us till only God knows how long. And this particular day, my wife insisted we should watch some sex movies. Honestly, I felt as if I have failed the boy as a father. Because right after that, he has been asking some funny questions and behaving strange with his younger sister. My fear is that I am not so certain how long he has been sneaking on us or what has been going on between him and his three years old sister. What do I do? And how do I address this issue?

Confused father

Getting caught during a delicate lovemaking moment is a common phenomenon. Many times, couples think they have created enough privacy and think they are alone. When a younger child below the age of three catches parents in the very act, they may interpret sexual situations as Mommy and Daddy fighting. So, it’s important to quickly let your child know that you are not fighting but playing and thereafter make sure all doors are under lock and key.

But older children from age five or six upwards may have more clues into what’s going on and their response is largely determined by their level of sexual exposure and sex education you have provided and your general approach to family issues. So depending on their response, you may just calmly say you were showing your love for each other, that he would understand better when he grew up. Or use that opportunity to start off sex education. As much as you may feel guilty, the deed has been done already. All you need to do is rectify it and not get things mixed up.

Does oral sex on a lady lead to infection?

Does oral sex lead to vaginal infection? I am a very clean and neat fellow; neat and clean to a fault but I am confused each time my husband goes down into me with his mouth, I always get infected with this particular toilet disease. I am over 40 years and I have been to the pharmacy over and over and each time I am infected again and again. I experience itching in my vagina, burning feeling, soreness, and pain during sex and while urination, and a thick, white, irritating vaginal discharge always comes out. I am wondering if this is an STD or he has a bad infection or what?

Chinua Ike

It may likely be yeasts. Most yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of the Candida albicans fungus. It’s usually present in the vagina and is normally found in the mouth, digestive tract and on the skin and can overgrow in certain conditions. There is a high possibility of you getting infected and re-infected especially during oral sex because your husband’s mouth also harbours a degree of Candida albicans fungus. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you’re most likely to experience itching in the vaginal area. Other symptoms include a burning sensation, soreness, pain during intercourse and/or during urination, and a thick, white, vaginal discharge. Vaginal yeast infections are caused by bacteria. A vaginal yeast infection isn’t considered a sexually transmitted infection, but about 12 to 15 per cent of men get an itchy rash on the penis after unprotected sex with an infected woman. Uncircumcised men have a greater risk of developing a rash. I will not subscribe to you purchasing over the counter drugs if you suspect you have a yeast infection. I advise you see a doctor. Your symptoms could be something else, and not getting proper treatment can lead to potentially serious complications. Ask your doctor before treating yourself for a yeast infection if you are pregnant, have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, or get recurrent yeast infections. Most doctors recommend that women not douche at all. Douching changes the acidity level of the vagina and the balance of organisms that live in it. This may give easy access to yeast infection. Wash only the outside of the vagina with warm water and mild soap.

You can reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection by wearing cotton panties, which are cooler than synthetic panties and won’t trap sweat; avoid feminine sprays, which can be irritating. Frequently change your pads during your period and avoid tight panties and jeans. Certain medications¬ including birth control pills, some antibiotics, and steroids can change the acidic balance of the vagina and encourage the growth of yeast, which can lead to a vaginal infection. Since you are over 40 years old, there may be a possibility that you are in your pre-menopause. Menopause causes hormonal changes, which can affect the balance of yeast or bacteria in the vagina and lead to a yeast infection. Recurrent yeast infections may be related to other medical conditions, such as diabetes or HIV, and may require a doctor’s care.

Do men develop breast cancer too?

I have been experiencing pain in my breast lately and a friend suggests I go for a breast examination, saying that men also develop breast cancer.

Jimmy Johnson

While it is rare, breast cancer does occur in men and is often diagnosed at a later age and stage than in women, say some experts. It can strike at any age, but it is most often diagnosed among men at ages 60 to 70. However, breast cancer in men accounts for only 1 per cent of all breast cancer cases and there is little research into its treatments. And most men with breast cancer have painless lumps that can be detected by touch, but the disease usually isn’t diagnosed until they develop soreness.

Sensitivity enhances good sex

Human sexuality is the capacity to have erotic experiences and responses. It is also a way someone is sexually attracted to another person. There is no doubt that sex is good for married lovers, but sex in the atmosphere of love is even better. Husband should start off sex by stimulating his wife’s heart and stop focusing more on manual stimulation. Openness toward one partner leads to the most beneficial kind of sex that a couple can ever imagine. In marriage relationships, passionate sex is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade when deep intimacy is lacking, because intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually while passion develops too fast.

One important outcome of having intimate sex between married lovers is emotional safety. If you feel like your spouse understands you and you understand him or her, you are more prone to showing your true sexual feelings. And if you show your true feelings, closeness and intimacy on all levels will be very obvious in your relationship.

But what is intimacy? Most couples seem to define intimacy as two married lovers engaged in hot and passionate sex, or something very close to this. But the truth is the experience of physical connection between two married lovers is only the culmination of all that is intimate between them. Intimacy is much more than that.

Intimacy is an attitude. It’s how you get along all the time, not only when you’re making love. It has to be continuous in order to be fulfilling, and if you truly want to enjoy great quality lovemaking, the hours outside the bedroom should be spent with the same degree of closeness. Fortunately, achieving that is not impossible. I have a few tricks that I am willing to share with you. You can thank me later.

Sensitivities, consideration, respect and affection should be a mutual give and take in marriage I call this emotional workout for couples. Did you think that bonding happens just like that, without any exterior influence? No. There are plenty of things that you can do to strengthen your relationship. This mutual give and take will help you become relaxed in the presence of each other and attuned to your heart rhythms. It involves a lot of touching because due to the high level of stress a typical Nigerian couple face on a daily basis, I think affectionate touching has a real calming and soothing effect on the psychic of spouses. So on occasion when you both are home together or around each other, lie on your sides with your legs bent so that you fit together like two spoons in a drawer. Once you are snuggled together, lie still, letting go of any tensions and try not to talk or move too much. Breathe heavily and rhythmically and listen to your partner’s breathing at the same time. Close your eyes and let your imagination travel down memory lane when you both were still dating and confessing undying love for each another. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can choose to spoon either fully clothed or in the nude, but refrain from sexual intercourse. This type of affectionate display is just meant to bring the two of you closer together.

On weekend days when you both are not under any pressure to go to work or attend occasions, just lie together on the bed or whatever feels comfortable for you, and look into each other’s eyes. Don’t talk; just watch each other in silence. It might feel uneasy at first, [because according to research, married couple hardly look into each other’s eyes as they used to while newly married] you might be shy about it, or feel exposed, out in the open, but it’s a great exercise for really bonding on a subconscious level also. Doing this, you and your partner will soon rediscover the richness of your unspoken communication and the way your eyes speak to each other without uttering one single word. There are varieties of these; husband, you can sit with your back against the wall of your room or a garden chair and have your wife put her head on your chest and wrap her arms around you. Share this embrace for few minutes. Close your eyes, listen to each other’s breathing, feel each other’s warmth, feel your hearts beat. She can pass her fingers up and down your back, while you can stroke her shoulders, neck, face and hair. These mutual embraces send the message of being reciprocally taken care of, which is a great deal as far as intimacy is concerned. Please husbands, note that most time your wives put their heads on your chests or shoulders and rub your back or body, they do not necessarily want sex but bonding. They want to feel you belong to them; they want to reassure themselves that such moment is exclusively for them and no one should share such moment with them.

Another variation of this is for husband to lie on his back on the bed and have your wife lower herself gradually on top of you, from head to toe. Don’t worry, it’s not uncomfortable, and it’s surprisingly efficient. Holding her whole body against yours, you are like you are in control, and she’ll feel like she can depend on you no matter what. The benefits are not only psychological, but physical because this position is extremely relaxing for the spine. This is not only a good roadmap to a splendid sex but eventually leads to good passionate sex.

Active penetrative sex can also be done while amusing your wife; you don’t have to be too serious, just start by gently pushing her against the wall, start kissing her quietly while placing your right hand on her thigh and slowly lifting it up till you could feel her soft inner genitals then start massaging it slowly. Then move your hand right deeper into her genital area, placing your thumb and index finger on the clitoris making sure that the clitoris is in between your thumb and index finger. Continue with the massaging and while massaging the clitoris, your middle finger should be busy driving in and out of the inner genital in a smooth manner.

While still kissing her, you can slowly move her closer to the bed and on getting to the bed, gently push her on it, then pull away from her, go down a bit and pull her panties off, with your wet tongue start licking the inner genital, make her open her legs wide as your tongue keeps massaging her clitoris. Simultaneously keep on rubbing her clitoris till she feels like pushing you off. While this is going on, you can then insert your middle finger deeper into her inner genital and finger her in a slow but romantic manner while your other hand should be tapping on her erected nipples. Then lift her up in a sitting position making her hold on your own genital and caress it or suck it.

Phone Addiction: Your smartphone may be a source of pain

Back pain is any pain along the back, most especially along the spine and the waist. Though it affects people of all ages, it is a common complaint among adults between the ages of 40-60.

However, experts warn that times have changed, as more younger people now complain of back ache. They blame the increasing prevalence of the condition among younger adults between the ages of 15- 30 on the emergence of devices such as tablets, computers and of course smart phones.

According to orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Chris Omolola, these gadgets are equipped with various social media and networking platforms which encourage habits such as long hours of texting, chatting, pinging- activities which compromise the position of the spine and some joints.

Omolola states that research shows that more than 40 per cent of young adults currently complaining of back, neck or shoulder pain, do so because of the long hours they spend hunched over smart phones, tablets and other gadgets sending texts, pinging and chatting with friends and messing around with phone applications.

“I see more young people with back pain. Not mild pain but severe back pain that they cannot sleep well or concentrate due to the pain. When they come, the first thing I ask them is: ‘How many hours do you spend on your phone chatting or pinging?’ I ask them if they are active on Facebook or Twitter. If they say so, I know that is most likely where the pain is coming from.

“While you are doing these activities , you are most likely to be slouching or hunched over, a poor posture that strains the nerves and muscles of the spine, the shoulder and neck. After a while, the ligaments between your joints begin to suffer. And because it has no physical symptoms , you pay little or no attention to it. Before you know, it is a constant pain in your back. “

Also, British chiropactor( bone specialist), Tim Hutchell, notes that the head-down position that most people assume when they look at phones and iPads strains the muscles in the neck and the back. This pain, he adds, extends all the way down to the spine and lower back,

“The head down position is especially bad for you if you are using them for hours because your body will eventually start to adopt this hunched position. Your posture gets worse every day with their prolonged use or will I say abuse,’ he said.

Adults too are not exempted from the effects of technology. Omolola says that 40 per cent of the causes of back and neck pain among adults is usually work-related.

Omolola states that they suffer back , neck and shoulder pain due to their sitting position and sedentary habits at work.

He notes that everyday activities like sitting at the computer for long, which most desk jobs in the 21st century require, tell on the spine and the bones of the back.

Omolola says, “ Most adults working in offices in this 21st century spend more than six hours sitting with their computer, and some spend another three staring, slouching at other screens like the television, making nine hours. That is how long the average adult spends hunched over or slouched in front of a screen each day.

“People with these lifestyles will have poor spine health because they are likely to do these activities with a poor posture. It is a sedentary posture that does nothing for the spine.”

He attributes other causes of back pain to work-related stress, lack of physical exercise and poor choice of foot wear.

Technology is not going away any time soon; that is for sure. So what can you do to save your poor spine from aches?

Experts say a three-minute exercise routine every three hours for those that work at the computer could help improve their posture and prevent back pain.

For those who just have to sit for long at computers, they advise that they should adjust their seats so their computer monitor is at the eye level, and the arms and knees are bent at a 90-degree angle, with the feet resting on the floor.

In the short term, for temporary relief from back, neck or shoulder pain ask your pharmacist to recommend an over-the-counter painkiller.

But on the long run, here are some tips that can help to prevent gadget-related pain in the neck, shoulder and the back.

- If you’re sitting down while using your mobile, smartphone or laptop, change your position on a regular basis and stretch your arms, shrug your shoulders and move your fingers around to keep the muscles more relaxed (avoid sitting in the same position for more than 40 minutes).

- If you need to carry a laptop, get a school bag or the normal rucksack laptop case and carry it on both shoulders. Adjust the straps so that the bag is held close to your back.

- Don’t carry too many items in your bag all the time – only pack what you need each day.

Does genital piercing enhance sexual performance?

I have received several mails and messages from couples wanting to know if genital piercing actually enhances good sexual performance. A particular wife said her husband prefers her to wear her wedding ring on the tip of her clitoris rather than the second index finger on her left hand.

Genital piercing among some particular set of men and women is seen as a form of body adornment. They argue that it is similar to other, more visible types of body piercings like the ear, nose or lip piercing.

In genital piercing, a needle is used to make a hole into the desired part of the genitals and a piece of jewellery is attached to the body by threading it through the hole. Most times because the piercing is usually carried out around the genital areas, it is not advisable to go for such but for the sake of those that feel they are under marital obligation to perform such procedure, it is advisable not to have a piercing done at places where only piercing gun is used. This is simply because the piercing gun comes with a lot of health risk.

One of the most common types of female genital piercings is done on the clitoris. This kind of piercing typically takes four to six weeks to heal. The clitoris itself is seldom pierced directly. But most women’s clitoris is not large enough to support jewellery. Also, there is a very high risk of nerve damage if the clitoris is pierced. Some piercing is done to the outer or inner lip of the vagina.

One of the most common male genital piercings is the Prince Albert type, a ring is inserted through the urethra at the tip of the penis and then out through the bottom of the glans of the penis, which is the rounded head. After the piercing heals, the ring increases sensitivity of the pierced area, enhancing sexual pleasure for some men. Sometimes the upper side of the head of the penis, the foreskin or the rim of the glans on circumcised men could also be pierced, but it has been discovered that these other types make intercourse difficult. Another one is carried out on the scrotum. This piercing is considered more decorative than a sexual enhancement.

First and foremost let us look into the daily maintenance routine. When you pierce your genitals, it’s important not to handle or let others handle the genital while it is healing. Sometimes you may have to stay off work or business till it is permanently healed. While the piercing is undergoing healing process, you must always wash your hands before touching or cleaning the genital area, and you have to make sure your defecation is not done with straining. You must avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks after a piercing. When you do have sex, you must always clean the pierced area with saline solution afterward to prevent infection. If you are a man, you must use a condom or other barrier protection. When engaging in sexual activity, always to prevent it from injuring your wife. If the piercing is located near the urethra, you have to always clean the area prior to urination and rub it with some baby oil. Remember that infections can occur at the site of the piercing even after it has healed due to vigorous thrusting in and out. Bacteria can enter under the skin at that point. So you must always watch for signs of infection such as redness, swelling, discharge, bad smell, some rashes at or around the piercing site and fever.

Are there risks associated with genital piercings? Yes there are, as a matter of fact, health professionals point out that the practice is not without risk and should not be considered lightly. The most common complications associated with genital piercing include bacterial infection, bleeding, nerve damage, allergic reaction to the jewellery and thick scarring at the piercing site. There is also a potential risk of hepatitis B and C as well as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases. Particularly with male piercings, there is a risk of narrowing of the urethra as a result of scar tissue. Impotence is also a potential risk if the needle mistakenly pierces the erectile tissue. It has been observed that many years after the procedure is carried out, many people who got pierced always show sign of regrets and discouragement. People with chronic medical conditions should seek medical advice about piercing beforehand. And if you have to pierce any part of your genitals, the piercing should always be done by a licenced professional. I am sure you may likely want to think twice before going for genital piercing.

No substitute for sex

Because sex has the potential to be the most profound satisfying and rich part of a marriage union, its place and position can never be substituted. Sex is a mysterious and sacred act that knits a couple together in ways that are beyond description. Sometimes words fail when I try to describe the oneness that a husband and wife feel after giving their bodies to each other in all erotic ways. Whenever I teach couples about sex in conferences or in my office, the atmosphere in the room changes because of its uniqueness. Some couples cannot wait to hear me talk openly about a topic that is often not discussed. Others are very curious while others are very sceptical. To them, the topic is forbidden, unmentionable and taboo; something not to be discussed in the public.

However, not until the married couples embrace the fact that in their union there is no substitute for sex, their marriage will still be gravely affected in a negative way. Studies have shown that married couples who embrace sex with a positive attitude and place sex in its rightful position in the union have the best, most satisfying life together. They enjoy sex more often and have the highest levels of physical and emotional fulfilment. 88 per cent of such couples receive great physical wellness. I am sure you want to know why.

Having sex and orgasm increases levels of the hormone oxytocin in the body, the love hormones, and this helps couples bond and build trust. A recent evaluation of 59 pre-menopausal women before and after passionate sex with their husbands found that the more sexual intercourse, the higher the oxytocin levels. Oxytocin allows us to feel the urge to nurture and to bond. Higher oxytocin has also been linked with a feeling of generosity. That explains why husbands can release any amount of cash to their wives whenever they are sexually fulfilled. Therefore, if you are feeling suddenly more generous toward your spouse than usual, oxytocin is in the air.

Boosting self-esteem and immunity was one of 237 reasons people have sex, as observed by sex therapists. Good sexual health may mean better physical health. Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections. Oxytocin released during orgasm promotes sleep, according to research. In addition, getting enough sleep has been linked with a good sex. On the average, the human heart beats 70 times per minute but during orgasm, the heart races at 115 beats per minute, which puts the heart in a healthier position. During sex, the body makes use of 100 muscles to produce orgasm while it takes 17 muscles to smile. This indicates that those muscles are not only active but do not depreciate. Brilliant sex produces satisfying orgasm, and orgasm releases chemicals that curb appetite so high-quality sex helps spouses to lose weight.

Sex relieves stress and it lowers blood pressure. Married women who had intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other activities or abstinence and frequent sexual intercourse has been associated with lower diastolic blood pressure. One way to make your wife look healthy and less stressful is to give her a hug after sex, this drastically removes constant nagging headaches, increases radiant skin glow, makes her cope with life issues better. It makes her more accommodating, willing to help, warm, tender, affectionate and caring. It helps her to be a better cook.

Did you know that just thirty minutes of sex between couples burns 85 calories or more? Sex is a great form of exercise. Sex improves cardiovascular health. When some older couples worry about the effect of the energy expended during sex could cause stroke, I tell them that it is not so because scientists found out that frequency of sex was not associated with it. Having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by half in men, compared with those who had sex less than once a month. Cold shower can increase the production of sex hormones in men and women. Having sex under a cold shower is not only romantic but medicinal.

Sex reduces prostate cancer risk. Frequent ejaculations and not masturbation-induced, especially in 20 year-old and above men may reduce the risk of prostate cancer later in life, Australian researchers reported in the British Journal of Urology International.

Sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles. For wives, doing a few pelvic floor muscle exercise known as Kegel during sex offers a couple of benefits. Men enjoy more satisfaction, women enjoy more pleasure, it strengthens the area and helps minimise the risk of incontinence, backaches, fatty big tummy and hysterectomy later in life. To do a basic Kegel exercise, tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor, as if you are trying to stop urine flow. Count to three, then release.

When sex is given its proper place and priority, its benefits can never be over-emphasised. Do not put anything in the place of sex. If you do, the emptiness it will create will be very noticeable.


Unnecessary sweating during and immediately after sex

I have a unique problem and it is scary. I noticed an excessive sweating especially from my palms, feet and one side of the face and lower part of my abdomen immediately after sex even when the air-condition is on or even when I have sex under the rain. Initially I thought it would stop but it increases as I grow old, the only time I don’t experience this is whenever I don’t have sex.

Matins Yenufor

Men have a higher sweat output than women. But if you always need to wipe your hands, nose of sweat extremely with clothes, especially after or during sex, it may be more than a “guy” thing. It could be excessive sweating which means that you sweat far more than your body needs you to sweat, the body’s cooling mechanism is so overactive that it produces four or five times the amount of sweat that you need. Although heat, ragging emotions, stress can trigger excessive sweating, it is more common in people who are overweight or out of shape. The good news is that most cases of excessive sweating are harmless. But it can also be a warning sign of thyroid problems, diabetes or infection, heart or lung disease, menopause, certain high blood pressure drugs, medications taken for diabetes, and sometimes even a stroke. If you are worried about how much you sweat, make a decision to see a doctor for a medical diagnosis.

How safe are sexual enhancing drugs?

I am a diabetic patient; I am also on some anti- hypertensive drugs. Recently, I discovered a poor sexual performance due to my medical conditions. But ironically, I love sex; I can’t do without it. I attach great importance to sex. I have some medications from the hospital that will enhance my sexual performance but my question is; are there downsides to synthetic drugs for good erection?

Mr. Kalikow Sunday

Well, the downside to these products is that there are side effects. For example, men that have certain high blood pressure disorders and are taking erectile drugs that have nitrate substance may have problem if they mix these synthetic anti-erectile drugs with the high blood pressure drugs. Such people can experience a sudden drop in their blood pressure and have a serious complication. This is why men, who take some of these synthetic drugs may [if during or after having sex] suddenly have chest pains or a heart attack.

Does constant watching of pornography promote a good marital relationship?

I was beginning to hate sex with my man until we began to watch pornography. Without that, we cannot have worthwhile sex. This is not helping me at all. My question is, don’t you think pornography could harm a good marital relationship?

Mrs. Joan Ifeayan

If both of you can watch an educative, informative, sexually explicit movie together with the aim of improving on your sexual performance, it is not a bad idea. Women actually love romantic stories while men seem to get aroused just by seeing two people having sex. If either of these forms the basis of arousal for a couple, it is still not a bad idea. But when couples or a partner becomes hooked on such and it is obvious such partners can’t be aroused or have an erection without watching these sexually explicit movies, then there seems to be a problem that may need to be addressed fast.


The Best Sex Positions For Ultimate Orgasm

This is your guide to top sex positions that will greatly enhance your orgasm. Try them tonight.
Orgasm during sex means more to a woman than men. This is the whole truth. It is quite a pity that most women do not get to this all important act of sex simply because their men do not know how to take them there or maybe the position they employ hamper the achievement of orgasm.

Be that as it may, we have highlighted 7 sex positions you should employ to get to cloud 9. These have been tested and trusted to help you reach a mind blowing orgasm every single time.

The Slow Climb Orgasm
The slow climb position is a modified missionary position but we guarantee, you will never see the missionary position the same way again.
Method: While on your back, put a pillow under your butt, lift your hips, and bring your legs up and back toward your shoulders, as though you’re folding in half. This move allows your hubby better ease of thrusting and deeper penetration, a plus for both of you, because it can also stimulate your G-spot.

But consider this a warm-up – you’re getting the zone primed for a more intense orgasm. Once your G-spot feels sufficiently stroked, put your legs down and have him get into coital-alignment-technique (CAT) position.

In this method, he is on top, but he lifts his pelvic bone upward, aligning it with your clitoris. He then rocks against the area until you peak. The legs-up position is a slow burn that brings you to the brink and increases sensitivity.
The Doggie-Style Orgasm
Hey, we are not talking about the regular doggy-style you are all too familiar with. While mentally the doggie-style position has great bad-girl benefits, in order to make it actually orgasmic, you need to modify it a bit.
Method: Lie on your stomach, lifting your butt slightly so he can enter you from behind. Your partner can then prop himself up with his hands in a push-up position or lie on top of you.
Not only does this face down configuration provide increased friction as he moves in and out, but you can gently grind your clitoral area against the bed as well.

Criss-Cross Applesauce Orgasm
This position is a cross between the doggy style and the spoon.
Method: While you’re on your back, your man lies on his side, turned toward you. Swing both legs over his hips and thighs, making a bridge over them. Then, just let him gently thrust into you. If it takes you a while to climax, this pose is ideal. It’s not very aerobic, so the sex can go on for a long time without either of you tiring out. When you want to climax, it’s easy to touch yourself or he can use his hand to stimulate you.
The Giddy-Up Orgasm
Girl-on-top tends to be a go-to for achieving orgasm -and for good reason too- but the giddy up position tops it.

Method: Your man sits on a raised seat while you sit astride him, riding him. Since you are doing the work, it allows you to dictate the pace and depth of thrusting, but mainly, you have easy access to your clitoris too. You can touch your G-spot, have him touch it, or rub against his pubic bone to achieve orgasm.

But you can up the ante by literally pulling a 180. Twist around so you’re pointed toward his feet in reverse cowgirl position.

Instead of straddling him, put your legs together, feet flat between his legs. The benefits of this are twofold: with your legs together, the fit is even tighter, making the sensations more intense. Plus, there’s increased G-spot stimulation, which combined with your own clitoral strokes, makes for an explosive orgasm.
Torrid Tabletop Orgasm
This is best practised in the kitchen or dining room. You know, in some cases, a simple change of scenery can aid in achieving orgasm.
Method: For this move, you’ll need a kitchen table, one that comes to your man’s waist. Lie down on the table with your butt near the edge. He enters you while standing between your legs, holding on to your hips for leverage. You can rest your feet on his shoulders or on the edge of the table.
Because he’s standing, his hands are free to stroke your body. And he’s at a perpendicular angle, rather than right on top of you, making it easier for him to touch your clitoris, unobstructed. To up your odds of orgasming, clench and lift up your butt, which will increase the pelvic tension and blood flow to the area.
The Lap Dance Orgasm
This is a modern version of the giddy up position.
Method: Here, he sits and you straddle him, so you’re face-to-face. You have a lot of control over the speed, angle, and motion because you can use your arms and legs to help you maneuver. Rather than just moving up and down, which can be especially tiring for you, sway forward and back, rubbing your clitoral area against him.
In addition to the freedom of movement, there are a few other benefits to this booty move. If you lean back just a little bit, you’ll get greater G-spot stimulation and he’ll be able to play with your clitoris. Plus, your breasts will be perfectly aligned with his mouth, adding a whole other layer to the sexual experience.
The Spooning Orgasm
Obviously, you know emotional attachment is essential to achieving orgasm with your guy. And there’s no configuration that’s more snuggly than the spoon.
Method: To assume the position, simply lie on your side, your guy scooted up behind you. Rather than move in and out, he should stay inside you, gently thrusting against the front wall of your vagina. Aside from fulfilling your cuddly needs, it provides consistent stimulation to your G-spot, which is key for achieving orgasm from intercourse. Since he may not be able to penetrate you as deeply though, guide his hand around your hot spot.

How To Deal With Painful Sex

We want to take time to talk about painful sex and how a woman can handle such situations.

According to a recent study conducted by a renown sex therapist, up to 80% of women suffer from painful penetration at some point in their lives, especially after childbirth.

So the question here is: What causes painful sex?

In many cases, sex can be painful when lubrication is not sufficient. In these cases, the pain can be remedied with the use of a lubricant or by changing your sexual script in the bedroom to include more kissing and more foreplay to have good arousal, stimulating adequate genital lubrication before sex is attempted.
But sometimes, vaginal infections can contribute to sex being painful. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are infections that can be easily treated for a more comfortable sexual experience. Also, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and sex too soon after childbirth can all be causes.
Your state of mind can also be a factor and can contribute to painful sex. If things are not going well, it can contribute to anxiety and fear with sex causing the muscles of the vagina to clamp down, making sex uncomfortable or downright painful.

In order for sex to be comfortable, the woman must be relaxed. If your relationship needs help, consider talking about the problems outside of the bedroom to see if resolution can be reached or consider seeing a marriage and sex therapist for expert advice.

Intercourse pain, or dyspareunia, can cause problems in a couple’s sexual relationship. In addition to the physically painful sex, there is also the possibility of negative emotional effects, so the problem should be addressed as soon as it becomes evident.

In some cases, a woman can experience painful intercourse if one of the following conditions is present:
Vaginismus: This is a common condition in which there is a spasm in the vaginal muscles, mainly caused by the fear of being hurt.
Vaginal infections: These conditions are common and include yeast infections.
Problems with the cervix (opening to the uterus): In this case, the penis can reach the cervix at maximum penetration, so problems with the cervix (such as infections) can cause pain during deep penetration.
Problems with the uterus: These problems may include fibroids that can cause deep intercourse pain.
Endometriosis: A condition in which the endometrium (tissue lining the uterus) grows outside the uterus.
Problems with the ovaries: Such problems might include cysts on the ovaries.
Pelvic inflammatory disease: The tissues deep inside become badly inflamed and the pressure of intercourse causes deep pain.
Ectopic pregnancy: A pregnancy in which a fertilized egg develops outside of the uterus.
Menopause: The vaginal lining can lose its normal moisture and become dry.
Intercourse too soon after surgery or childbirth.
Sexually transmitted diseases: These may include genital warts, herpes sores, or other STDs.
Injury to the vulva or vagina: These injuries may include a tear from childbirth or from a cut (episiotomy) in the perenium (area of skin between the vagina and the anus) that is made during labor.
How Can Painful Sex In Women Be Treated?
Some treatments for painful sex in women do not require medical intervention. For example, in the case of painful sex after pregnancy, wait at least six weeks after childbirth before attempting intercourse. Make sure to practice gentleness and patience. In cases in which there is vaginal dryness or a lack of lubrication, try water-based lubricants.
Some treatments for female sexual pain do require a doctor’s care. If vaginal dryness is due to menopause, ask a health care professional about estrogen creams or other prescription medications. Other causes of painful intercourse also may require prescription drugs.
For cases of sexual pain in which there is no underlying medical cause, sexual therapy might be helpful. Some individuals may need to resolve issues such as guilt, inner conflicts regarding sex, or feelings regarding a past abuse.
See a doctor if there are symptoms such as bleeding, genital lesions, irregular periods, vaginal discharge, or involuntary vaginal muscle contractions and ask for a referral to a certified sex counselor if there are other concerns that need to be addressed.
Contribution by Dr. Vera Asama

Do men really have stronger sex drives than women?

Do men really have stronger sex drives than women? Well on the average, yes, they do. Men have stronger sex drive than women but not in all cases, and what trigger men are far different from women’s triggers. Study has shown that men’s sex drives are not only stronger than women’s, but much more straightforward. The sources of women’s libidos, by contrast, are much harder to pin down, because women place more value on emotional connection as a spark of sexual desire and they are to a large extent influenced by social, religious and cultural factors.

Men under 60 think about sex at least once or twice a day, and have more spontaneous sexual arousal while only about one-quarter of women think about it that frequently. As men and women age, they fantasise less, but men still fantasise about twice or more as often with all sort of varied fantasies. At the start of any relationship, men want sex more often than women but, in the middle of it, and after many years, all things being equal, both may just be on the same frequencies. Sometimes men are more likely to seek sex even when it’s frowned upon or even forbidden.

Man’s sexual triggers are easily predictable while a woman’s sexual turn-ons are more complicated. They always seem not to have a clue themselves. While men easily agreed to be turned on by various sexual sights, majority of women are thoughtful about whom they become aroused by, who they want to have sex with and who they fall in love with. Statistics says highly literate women are wired to choose their life partners carefully; they are likely to be more attuned to relationship than pleasure.

But when it comes to sexual desire, men and women travel slightly different paths to arrive at sexual desire. Many women arousal desire originates much more between their ears than between the legs; it is more about the anticipation, how they get there that matters most to them. Their desire is more circumstantial, more subjective, more coated on a framework of emotion, at times sentiment and feeling.

But on the contrary men don’t need to have nearly as much imagination, sex is mostly basic simply and straightforward. That doesn’t mean men don’t seek intimacy, love, and connection in a relationship, just as women do. They just view the role of sex differently. Women want to talk first, connect first, then have sex. For men, sex itself is actually the connection. Sex is the language men use to express their tender loving vulnerable side. It is their language of intimacy.

Men, on average, take seven minutes from the point of entry until ejaculation; women usually take around 12 to 15 minutes to reach orgasm; some do not at all. Women’s libidos seem to be more responsive to happiness, love, tenderness, care, comfort and caring than drugs. Men’s sex drives seemingly seem more directly tied to physiological response. Compared to women, it may be no surprise that low desire may be more easily treated through medication in men. Men have embraced drugs as a cure not only for erectile dysfunction but also for a shrinking libido. But with women, more of understanding with medicine gets their libido revived.

Many couples love to see their spouse grow in sexual desire with them in the relationship. If you want your sexual desire to stand the test of time, it is key that you maintain a strong emotional connection with each other.

Be attentive. When your spouse is venting or sharing thoughts about any topic, listen. Really listen. Try to understand what they are saying and what their personal connection is to the topic. When appropriate, empathise and show compassion. Join your spouse in activities they enjoy. When you both enjoy the same activities, make sure to take advantage of the mutual interest. To nurture your relationship even more, spend some time participating in your partner’s interests.

Show your love in a way that connects with them. You might feel most loved when your partner says those magic three words or when they offer to help you run errands. However, your partner may not feel the same way. They might feel most loved when you are engaged in listening to them discuss their passion or when you encourage them to take on some feared but personally important challenge. So, learn what makes your partners feel most loved and offer it to them. Putting these tips into action is a great sexual desire growth and connection. Married couples can take things even further by brainstorming some ideas for connecting that are specific to their relationship and individual personalities. Even just participating in those conversations about connection can deepen the relationship and harmonise sexual desire.

Questions and Answers

If you give birth to a set of twins, your ejaculation will reduce; true or false?

It is a fact that if you give birth to a set of twins consecutively, the volume of your ejaculation will reduce and the quality of your semen will disappear. I happen to be a father of two sets of twins and ever since then, I have noticed changes drastically in what I produce during ejaculation while my sperm seems to be watery. When I was much younger, what came out of me was usually voluminous and very sticky. Should I worry if I am producing less while I ejaculate?

Baba Ibeji

Men of all ages mostly seem to be very obsessed with themselves and how they perform sexually. Ejaculatory volume and force seem to be something that they’re also very proud of. But as men get older, there are changes going on within the prostate gland which most times allow the volume of semen fluid to actually decrease. Sexual experience and the intensity of sexuality can change as well; this happens to all men, not necessarily because they are fathers of one or seven, of no child. Most times, men still feel the same; the orgasm is unchanged, but there will be less volume and less force to it and that is still part of natural aging. Reduction in ejaculation majorly also has to do with stress, fatigue, extreme frequency of ejaculation and extreme intensity of ejaculation.

Think beyond the bed

I listen to one of your lectures, please what are the practical ways for very busy couples to think beyond the bed.

Gabriel Salami

Thinking beyond the bedroom is just inventing some other sexy places and thoughts to enhancing couples’ sexual activities. For instance, there are many sexy places to get sensual besides the bed. Think of the kitchen, couches, bathroom, backyard or a pool. Getting innovative brings pleasurable sexual rewards. Since the time is not always available, both of you can just fool around with the few minutes you have. Don’t wait for when you are alone to make out with each other. Kiss your spouse when they’re on the phone with someone else, or take their pants off and give them an oral in the middle of a phone call. You can even play with each other’s bodies instead of just having sex. Quickly create a sexual setting and design your bedroom to revolve around sex. When you have some time in your hands, stand in front of each other’s wardrobes and start wearing each other’s clothes. Don’t forget the underwear too, cuddle up next to each other or get in bed and cover yourselves completely so you’re in the dark under the blanket. Think beyond the bed is just thinking up something usual to make up for good sexual life.

Does sucking breast leads to painful cervix?

My wife always refuses me the only thing I love during sex and that is to suck her breast, especially the nipples but she bitterly complains of pains. She says each time I place my mouth on her nipples, she immediately starts feeling pain in her cervix. Is this normal? What can we do to stop the pain so that I will not be denied of this only pleasure I looked forward to?

Suleiman Technician

I think the best thing to do is to be mindful of your techniques; the way and manner you do the sucking goes a long way. The cervix and breast are not biologically connected. The cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue that connects the vagina and uterus. The cervix is made of cartilage covered by smooth, moist tissue, and is about one inch across. There are two main portions of the cervix. The part of the cervix that can be seen from inside the vagina during a gynaecologic examination, then also an opening in the centre, known as the external OS, which opens to allow passage between the uterus and vagina. This canal is a tunnel through the cervix from the external OS into the uterus. The overlapping border is called the transformation zone. The cervix produces cervical mucus that changes in consistency during the menstrual cycle to prevent or promote pregnancy. The only time the cervix gets involved in sexual activities is during vigorous sex when the tip of the penis may likely touch the OS of the cervix and during childbirth, when the cervix dilates widely to allow the baby to pass through. Also during menstruation, the cervix opens a bit to permit passage of menstrual flow. So, you see the pain she is experiencing may be a mind-set issue and not from the cervix.

Make your breasts firm again

My breasts used to be my best assets. I was so proud of my upper region. I could walk with my head held high among my friends because I knew my breasts were firm, sexy and perky than others.

“But that was back in the days. What used to be my best assets have turned to become off-putting and unpleasant. I’m not comfortable with them and they make me feel ugly, unattractive and sometimes sad. It is as if someone sucked out all the confidence out of me. How are the mighty fallen.”

The above was the lamentation of a 26-year-old mother of one, who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity. She feels the world has come to an end because her once firm and taut breasts have become almost flat.

A lot of women want to have firm, sexy and perky breasts and they feel much better about themselves if they have great-looking cleavages. It is believed that firm and beautiful bust makes women more attractive, confident, sexy, and gives them an endearing look.

To, Adewale Ogunseyi, a Master’s degree student in one of Nigeria’s public universities, “The breast is the first thing you see in a woman, and it determines whether she would be attractive or not. So, the state and structure of the breasts say a lot about her.”

This probably explains why many women are concerned about the shape and firmness of their breasts.

A report posted on says causes of loose breasts vary but are mainly a product of nature, which makes it almost unavoidable. It however adds that they could be made to look youthful once again. Of all the causes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormone fluctuations, rapid weight loss, irregular menstruation, wearing wrong bras, menopause, exercising without a supportive bra, smoking and aging are more common.

The report explains that breast’s connective tissues, known as Cooper’s ligaments, age around three years faster than any other part of the body. The report says breasts move around up to 33 per cent from their standing position, but increases when women run, and that a good sports bra can restrict up to 80 per cent of that movement while doing an exercise.

A consultant plastic surgeon, Patrick Mallucci, of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, in an article titled, ‘Stop bouncing around,’ said, “The problem with breasts is that, unlike anywhere else in the body, they are effectively two weights that are supported only by the skin.” Thus, loose breast is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point and that sagging cannot be totally prevented.

In the same vein, Dr. Andrew Ordon, an American plastic surgeon, says surgery is the only permanent option to restore fullness.

According to his report on, “Breast tissue is comprised primarily of glands and fat. The muscle sits below the bulk of the breast, so no amount of exercising can help lift or shape the bosom. Once breast tissue sags, surgery is the only permanent option to restore fullness,” he explained. Odion adds that the best way to prevent sagging is to wear a well-fitted bra.

According to, apart from jumping on the surgery table for a surgical operation to help make the chest look firm and youthful again, there are other therapies and exercises that could help achieve an appreciable firmness, as tightening the skin on and around the breast is the secret to having a firm breast.

The report recommends hydrotherapy, which is using water to promote health and wellness in the body.

It says, “The next time you are in the shower, spend a few minutes rinsing your breasts with pleasantly warm and cold water in an alternating order with more of cold water to increase circulation to the skin by as much as 95 per cent. This stimulates the production of collagen and elasticity, resulting in firmer skin and perkier breasts. This should be done as many times as possible.

“Sleeping position also matters. If a woman likes to sleep on one side, the breast on the top tends to sag and stretch more than the one closer to the bed. By staying on your back, you can keep both breasts firmer longer.”

But according to, massaging the breasts, which is a means of hydrating and softening them, in an upward motion for about 10 minutes a day is helpful. SO also, is the use of breast firming and lifting creams, while exercises such as push-up, chest press, chest fly, standing press, yoga, resistance bands, are therapies that can improve blood flow and nutrient supply to the breast tissues.

The report adds that massaging can be done with oils, such as olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, camelina oil, pumpkin seed oil, emu oil or skin firming lotions, apart from its additional health benefits.

Also, during physical exercises, like running, jogging or playing tennis, the breasts bounce up and down, left and right, as well as forward and backward. If the woman does not have good sports bra for support to restrain the movement, she could end up damaging the supporting tissues and the ligaments, thus making the breasts lose their firmness, reports.

For women who love swimming, when breasts hang down, it can sometimes cause embarrassment on the beach or while swimming, the solution, according to, is to buy a swimming suit with bra support.

A healthy lifestyle is also said to be important. Eating much of fruits, proteins and vegetables, protection of the skin from sun rays, while reducing the consumption of carbonated drinks, chocolate, caffeine, nicotine and non-smoking are also helpful.

On the other hand,, says breast implant is the best solution, which is the process of filling loose skin to give the breast both size and shape, but cautioned that apart from being costly, it could result in serious complications and side effects, such as long recovery time, affect nipple sensitivity and result in other health complications. It says further that the implant does not guarantee everlasting results, as it always needs a come back.

A Nigerian medical practitioner, Dr. Rotimi Adesanya, who traced the causes of loose breast to aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, explained that breasts are like other parts of the body that age as the person grows old.

“Many people resort to silicon or breast implant, which is like plastic surgery to reconstruct the breast because other measures are not true support. Once the supporting tissue is weak, the breasts tend to lose their firmness, so implant is used to support the breasts.

“However, those dealing with loose breast can also wear bra to bed, but it is advisable not to sleep with bra so that the body can be in a complete state of rest,” he explained.

Adesanya added that young females could prevent sagging by using firm bra to support their breasts at all times, and that contrary to the general belief, fondling has no effect on the size of the breast.


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